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5 Nutrients Vegans Don’t Get Enough Of

We might be familiar with the possible benefits concerned with a vegan diet. If I make a team of the vegan and non-vegan group, all of them will have their part of concepts like which diet is the best one. But I found very less number of people are aware of the possible issues or complications found in a purely vegan diet.

Vital Nutrient Supplements which are missing in a Vegan diet

So, if you are planning to go all-vegan, then make sure you consider each of the nutrients for vegans, listed here.

Why do people turn into a vegan?

There could be many possible reasons for this, and mainly concerned with environmental or animal rights. Though, it’s a personal choice as per my views.

1. Vitamin b-12

Vitamin B12You might be already aware of this essential nutrient, which is only found in the animal sources. Vegan people are usually deficient on this nutrient. To solve this, you can add some fortified or additional supplements in your diet. Breakfast cereals and the nutritional yeast are among the staple options you can go for.

2. vitamin D

Vitamin D

This fat-soluble nutrient helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorus from the gut. Sadly, only a  few numbers of products contain this element, and they don’t satisfy the requirements either. Spending time in the sunlight is one way out. You can also go for some D2 or D3 supplement in your vegetarian diet.

3. iron


If you are feeling weak or worn out, then this could be a sign of iron deficiency.  You can include lima beans, and dark leafy vegetables as they are an incredible source of iron. Just a tip, you can add a supplement of vitamin C into your iron-rich diet, and get maximum benefits.

4. iodine

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine helps with improving the metabolism inside your body. Leafy diets are less in iodine, so you might have to add more of this compound in the dishes.

5. omega 3-s

Omega 3-S

These are essential not only for the cardiovascular activities, but also for the brain, eyes, and skin health. You can have a good amount of alpha-linolenic acid from walnuts, canola, hemp, flaxseed, etc.

So, these are the top nutrients that a vegan person usually lacks on. If you are planning to turn all vegan, get in touch with a well-known nutritionist and follow their guidelines.

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Healthiest Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Providing the right food with the required nutrients in it, is important when it comes to Feeding Dogs. This is one kind of proactive way to keep your pet ready and strong to fight any health issue or climatic change. If the dog has no energy to fight the issue, then their health will simply deteriorate. This is why it is important to consider your dog’s food.

Now, when it comes to feeding – you must stick to the specific Dog Meal only.

Healthiest Human Foods For Dog

Healthiest Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

Human food is also suitable for the dog, but not all of them. This is because the metabolism of a human and a dog varies a lot. Which human foods can replace the selection of delicious large breed dog food? Let’s check them out!

Following are the list of the human foods that can also be consumed by the Dogs. They are:

Green Beans

This is the best kind of meal for the overweight pets, and for someone who is looking for a healthy canine meal. You can prepare the beans in any way, just make sure they are just alone.


Munching on the carrot is a good routine and keeps the oral health in check. This is something that most of the pet owners easily neglect out, but it is important to maintain a healthy teeth too.


Make sure that the chicken is boneless else they may choke on the bones, tear on the windpipes or even affect the digestive area.


Lauric acid which is highly found in coconuts, and they are digestible too, and the anti-oxidants present in the coconuts will help in boosting the overall immune of your pet.


Eggs are a  good source of good cholesterol,  protein, and calcium. You can also grind the eggshells and add them in the daily food intake.


It is the perfect dairy treat for the, which goes well for all the seasons. The frozen variety keeps the pet cool in summers, and the normal yoghurt ensures good health.


This works for the purpose of losing weight. They add the nutrients to the pet, without adding any excess calories.

That’s it! These are the choices of human food that can go really well for the dogs! Now we shall find out the items that you may avoid for your pet.

List of the Human foods which are NOT suitable for the Dogs: 

  1. Chocolates
  2. Raisins and Grapes
  3. Onions
  4. Coffee
  5. Tea
  6. Avocado
  7. Garlic
  8. Lemon

Was the article helpful to you? Let us know the diet plan that you follow for your four-legged buddy. Thank you!

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Is a Water Flosser better than Regular Flossing

At some point in your life, you must have gone through the frustration of getting food out stuck in between your teeth or between teeth and gum. During that time, you only wish to get the food out in any damn way. This is why flossing process is carried out. It’s a simple, home DIY or you can call it as a teeth maintenance technique which keeps your teeth clean and healthy from any kind of plaque formation.

Is a Water Flosser better than Regular Flossing

Have you heard about the Dental Floss?

Dental Floss is a thin filament-like thing which is used for taking out food particles stuck in between the teeth. This works for those special areas which are even hard for the toothbrush to reach.

Is a Water Flosser better than Regular Flossing

So, make this clear that Regular Flossing is nothing but the flossing carried out using the dental floss.

How is the Regular/Traditional Flossing performed?

Regular flossing is carried out using the dental floss. This floss comes in a plastic box, with 10 to 100m of the dental floss. You approximately need 40 cm of the dental floss, pull it out, and just cut the required floss.

Now, rotate the floss around the fingers using both of your hands keeping about 1 to 2 cm of the floss outside your hand. Later the user has to guide through the teeth surface and simply start the flossing.

If you are looking for some quality Water Flosser, check out the best water flossers reviewed by!

Curve the floss by the shape of the teeth, and then slide it under the gumline. It is a good option to brush your teeth, and later perform the flossing for a complete oral health.

Can I replace the Regular Flossing with a Water Flosser?

Coming to the Water Flosser, this is, in fact, a device which is used for the flossing. Flosser shoots out a powerful jet of a water stream, who pressure and force remove out all the food particles.

The debate is still going on, whether the water flosser could replace the regular flossing or not? On a lighter note, there is no problem with the replacement, but many dentists have said NO for the replacement.

A person who regularly performs the regular flossing should never replace the process with a water flosser. Also, it is said, that Plaques are better removed with the String Floss or the Regular Flossing. While the water flosser keeps your teeth clean but won’t be much effect on the plaques which will eventually cause the Tartar Buildup.


For a regular flossing person, I won’t recommend switching the method to the Water Flossing. For an entry-level user, Water Flosser is a good way of keeping your teeth protected and healthy. Both the methods are good, but the Regular Flossing wins the debate.

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Water Intoxication – Drinking Water Too Fast

When you drink too much of water in less time, then you can suffer from the problem known as Water Intoxication. This is because when you drink too much water, then the level of sodium and salt in blood decreases. Such type of condition can be very vital and can disrupt the brain function.

Drinking water in an adequate amount is very beneficial for the body and to live a healthy life. If you do not drink water in suitable amount, then you body can suffer from dehydration. And if you suffer from dehydration, then also it is not a good sign for the human body.

It is necessary to drink the water in a suitable quantity according to the necessity of the body. But when you drink water  fast that too in a large quantity, then your body runs into serious problem of water intoxication. In the next segment, we will discuss in detail about this problem.


The water intoxication occurs when you drink a lot of water in a very less time. This leads in increasing the amount of water in your blood that is not suitable for the body, This is because the sodium level decreases very fastly when you consume water in a large quantity.


The sodium in our body helps to maintain the fluid balance between the cells. So, when the sodium level decreases, then the fluids shift toward the inner cells. And when this happens to the brain cells, then it can cause severe effects on human health.


When you drink too much water, then the cells in the body start swelling that can disfunction the body parts. And when the cells start to swell, then you can start feeling the headache and vomiting. It can also increase the pressure inside the skull that can be very fatal.



The early symptoms of water intoxication are similar to that of exhaustion and heatstroke. You can suffer from severe headaches, vomiting, and nausea. These are some of the symptoms you may feel when you drink water in a large quantity.

You can also suffer from the serious symptoms like difficulty in breathing, double vision, and much more. When you start to feel these symptoms, then the first thing you can do is to cut your water consumption. You can replace the water with a sport or energy drink to avoid the water poisoning.


Similar to the dehydration problem, there are many negative impacts of drinking water in a large quantity. You need to drink suitable amount of water in order to keep your body function properly. But, how will you get to know about what quantity of water is suitable for your body.

This all depends on what amount of water you are consuming in how much time. As our kidneys have the capacity to eliminate 0.8-1.0 liters of water per hour. So don’t consume more than one liter of water in an hour. If you do so, then kidneys won’t be able to excrete the water and that can cause the water intoxication.



Now there is no specific requirement of water that your body actually need. The amount of water in the body depends on the factors like body composition, size, weight, and much more. All you can do is to listen your body and drink water when you feel thirsty.

Also, if you totally rely on thirst, then also it’s not good for your body. The athletes and adults need a more amount of water compared to children and women. Some research and study show that the requirement for a healthy adult male is 3.7 liters a day and for female it is 2.5 liters.


The best way to prevent the water intoxication is not to drink more water than you sweat out. With this you can balance the quantity of water in your body. So, make sure that you don’t drink too much water in a very less time as it can cause problem on your health.

In summary, the Water Intoxication is a very serious problem that can result in many severe problems. Therefore, keep the track of the amount of water you consume in a day. And also make sure that you don’t drink water too fast as it can lead to the water intoxication problem. Check out more articles here!

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Wine Cooler Brands Reviews – Best Buy & Top Picks of 2017

For best results you need a wine cooler that will do the job keeping your wine at just the right temperature.

In the market today there are many companies that are making best wine coolers and cuisinart has been in this field for many years and is still producing great units.

So wow your dinner guests as you wine and dine them lavishly with a cuisinart wine cooler that always makes a great impression. These wine coolers are chrome contoured with a low to high bottle capacity

The quieter units run on thermoelectricity, also known as super conductor, ideal for small coolers because the moving parts are fewer reducing the chance of breakdown.


Wine Cooler Brands Reviews 2017

Their temperature can be controlled by precise vibration and they work best when the external temperature does not exceed 70F. The stainless steel finish on the coolers is fingerprint resistant and they also have an electronic touch pad with a blue LED.


Cuisinart Wine Cooler

To improve their display the cabinets have a double pane view window and the soft interior light enhances viewing when on while the off position allows one to conserve energy.The coolers come in different dimensions with designs that make them space efficient.

The bulk of these units have one temperature zone but there are also some with multiple temperature zones and the latter are more flexible in terms of the different kinds of wine it can have in them.

The coolers can be stand alone or built in, the former are seen more often in the larger units whereas the latter are made to fit the décor of the room so are smaller.

The top of the counter models are also smaller and will generally hold 8 to 15 bottles, the larger models however are stand alone and will hold 32 or more bottles. So space becomes an important factor when making a choice of a wine cooler.

The electronic control thermostat has one touch buttons which can adjust the temperature by 1F each time and some of the units actually have preset temperatures that ease the setting of the temperature. These units  look attractive, they make for great conversation pieces and your guests will always give you compliments.

The wine coolers have pull-out chrome plated curved wire racks capable of holding normal shaped bottles of 750ml volume. Compared to other wine coolers the Cuisinart wine cooler is moderately priced  at prices that are very attractive in these hard economic times.

At prices ranging from as low as $120 right up to $400 these are numbers that will not disturb break your budget especially if planned over several months.The manufacturer also offers a three year limited warranty with your purchase.

No matter the name you call them wine cooler, wine fridge or wine chiller these cabinets all serve the same purpose. The different designs available are meant to meet the needs of every customer. Learning more about these units before purchase will enable the buyer choose a model that will please him for years to come.


Vinotemp Wine Cooler

In the market today Vinotemp tops the manufacturers of wine refrigerators and has been in business for more than 20 years.

This distributor of excellent metal wine units also fabricates special order wine cabinets made of wood and racking and also offers a diverse selection of units in different capacities and designs and also a vast selection of wooden units.

Moderately priced, the Vinotemp Wine Cooler units can be found even cheaper when purchased online. we found that the beingwoodworker is working extensively for it.

In the 50 to 267 bottle capacity units there 14 models of Vinotemp wine coolers whereas in the 20 to 50 bottle capacity units there are 21 models. Lastly in the units of 20 bottles or less there are 5 models.

The VT – CHILLER – SLVR wine chiller is a model from Vinotemp that carries only one bottle and is able to keep your wine bottle at the perfect temperature before consumption.

One of the favorites in this brand is the VT – 188 which has a bottle capacity of 160 bottles, 15 shelves and dual temperature zones which allows any new wine collector to grow their collection steadily. This cooler falls in the greater than 50 bottle range.

In the lower bottle capacity of 20 to 50 bottles the favorite here and overall winner is the VT – 48TEDS – 2Z which holds 48 bottles and liked for its French doors and two separate cooling zones.

Even though it cannot be built into your counter and must stand alone it has received very good reviews because it runs on thermoelectricity making them very quiet and effective.

In the smaller units of less than 20 bottles the favorite model is the VT -12 teds with a capacity of 12 bottles. In the 20 to 84 bottle capacity units are found 13 wooden models and the vast range means that these coolers will match many customers and by far the favorite is the Rioja with units having 21, 42 and 84 bottle capacity.

Next in line in terms of popularity are the Bordeaux, Napa and Portofino with the first one having models with 42 and 84 bottle capacity and single and dual temperature units. Napa has a 20 bottle single zone unit and 40 bottle dual zone units and the Portofino series have 40 bottles two zone units and 60 bottles three zone units.

Below are 4 series made by Vinotemp:

Beverage Cooler – Often used to keep your sodas at the right temperature and adds a special touch to your parties even if it is a lavish do or just a simple evening with the neighbours.

Ecoseries – The coolers here conserve energy and are available in numerous colors and designs. If you are looking for models that are environmentally friendly then you need not look any further.

Butler Series – The technology found in these units enables one to preserve their wine for long periods and generally can store up to 160 bottles at any one time.

Pro Series – Made from stainless steel and popular with traders who put them to use now and again  their superior designs often encourages one to spend more than they intended.


Haier Wine Cooler

Many people have a hard time when it comes to storing their wine. Generally the answer to this problem is buying a real wine cooler to store the wine. Once you start researching wine coolers you will see that there are a ton of different brands for you to choose from. Each brand is different and will offer different features. With this article I want to discuss one of the most popular brands whci is the Haier wine cooler.

Haier Wine Cooler Features

Before you purchase a Haier wine cooler the first thing you must do is figure out what features you need. For example, do you need dual or multi zone temperatures? This is important because different wines require different temperatures. So you should make sure you have a good understanding of the wines you will be storing and buy an Haier wine cooler that is flexible and able to support a variety of different needs.

Your wine collection might start off small but it can quickly grow. You want to make sure the cooler you have grows with you. You don’t want to have to run out and buy a new cooler every time you add new wines to your collection. So check cooler capacity to make sure you get the right cooler size. Knowing how many bottles you will use on a daily or weekly basis will help you determine the right size for your needs.

If you are a big wine enthusiast you should go with the bigger capacity Haier wine cooler. That way you know it will be sufficient and meet your needs. Another thing you should consider is where you will keep the cooler. You want to make sure you have enough space. You should also try to get a cooler that goes along with the look and feel of the area you will be storing the cooler.

Purchasing Options For The Haier Wine Cooler

Once you have determined exactly what you need its time to purchase the cooler. You should make it a point to buy the cooler from a certified seller. This way you can get the manufacturers warranty. If you opt to buy online, which by the way is a great option, make sure you research the seller before you spend your money.

By shopping online you can save a lot of money. But you can also have trouble getting it shipped. Ask the seller questions about shipping before you make your order. This way you know they are able to quickly ship the item to you without any problems.

When it comes to the internet make sure you shop around. There are so many different sites and you are sure to find a great deal. However, don’t always look for the cheapest price. Cause as the saying goes, you often times get what you pay for. You don’t want to skimp on this type of purchase. Our recommendation is the Haier Black 26Bottle SingleZone BuiltIn Or Freestanding Wine Cooler.


Avanti Wine Cooler

There’s no question that Avanti is one of the most popular name when it comes to refrigerators. This brand has been in the industry for years and is considered a benchmark for other manufacturers. They currently have hundreds of models out in the market, each one better than the other. Currently, Avanti has also expanded to wine coolers, providing impressive appliances capable of chilling spirits perfectly.

The Advantages of Avanti

There are lots of reasons why choosing Avanti wine coolers is the best choice a connoisseur can make. For those who are seriously considering buying one, following are some of the elements of an Avanti appliance:

  • Durable, Avanti is made using some of the best materials in the market today. They have combined this with top of the line mechanical engineering, therefore ensuring that the product will last for years.
  • Avanti also invests big on the aesthetic appeal of their product. All Avanti units are well-balanced and would look good in any home or establishment. Designs may vary, allowing individuals to choose something that would suit the Victorian mansion, the contemporary home or even the storage unit of a restaurant.
  • Sizes also vary ranging from something personal to something worthy of a first class restaurant.
  • Avanti wine coolers are specially made with the wine in mind. Manufacturers of the product know exactly well that wine has to be chilled in a specific temperature to bring out its distinct flavor. This is exactly what they are trying to achieve with the creation of Avanti coolers. Setting the temperature at just the perfect degree, wine connoisseurs would be able to enjoy their spirits at their best.
  • The different models available in the market also pave the way for varying costs. Individuals have the option of browsing through as many models as possible to find something that meets their budget.

Disadvantage of Avanti

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Avanti wine coolers is the cost. Although it’s possible to find something within budget, buyers will find that it is still more expensive than other brands. This is not really surprising considering the reputation of Avanti in the market. If buyers want something reliable that can be used for years, then this brand is more than worth it.

Customer Service for Avanti

Another plus of this brand is their dedication to their customers. Avanti buyers who have problems about the product shouldn’t have any problem contacting the seller for repair and replacement. All products are also covered by a comprehensive warranty which means that repairs within terms and condition may be addressed for free. Their response time is impressive and has been rated 9 stars out of 10 by many clients.

Where to Buy Avanti Wine Coolers

The wine coolers from Avanti can be bought through any appliance store. However, it’s usually best to start browsing through the internet due to the wider selection. Using appliance websites, buyers should be able to find models within their budget that meet their needs. The opportunity for price comparison is also ripe, paving the way for a very smart buying decision.

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Breville Sous Chef Food Processor Reviews – Best Pick!

All accessories included with the Breville Sous Chef are housed in a convenient plastic container. It can be stored flat or on its side to take up less counter space.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor

Why the Breville Sous Chef Food Processor?

Every Breville product begins with a simple moment of brilliance.

The Breville Sous Chef began with the observation that the food comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it difficult for one machine to consistently cut all ingredients into the optimal size pieces.

So how do you make sure that you get the perfect size for what you’re cooking?

The Breville Sous Chef solves this problem with its unique design. Its wide feed chute makes it possible to slice vegetables of all shapes and sizes, while numerous disc and blade options makes it easy to get perfect results, any way you slice it.

Combining Convenience and Versatility: The Greatest Sliced Thing After Bread

Food processors are supposed to make food prep easier, not more frustrating. The Breville Sous Chef has a 5.5” Super Wide Feed Chute that reduces the need to pre-cut most fruits & veggies, saving you time.

The Breville Sous Chef comes with a set of 8 discs and blades for numerous prep options, all housed in a convenient accessory storage.

The discs include a variable slicing disc that can be set to 24 different slicing settings so you can customize the thickness of your slices from a paper thin 0.3mm all the way up to a thick 8.0mm.

Other discs in the set include a julienne disc, a French fry cutting disc, a whisking disc, and a reversible shredding disc, while the blades include a micro-serrated universal S blade, a dough blade for kneading and combining ingredients, and a mini blade for use with mini-bowl.

The Breville Sous Chef includes two bowls, a large 16 cup processing bowl and a 2.5 cup mini processing bowl, for convenient processing no matter what size portions you’re chopping.

The 16-cup option allows you to blend up large servings of soup or dough, while the mini processing bowl is perfect for processing small amounts of sauces or nuts.

Combining slicing options and two size choices with the convenience of the wide mouth chute, it is no wonder that the Breville Sous Chef was rated the best food processor in 2012 by a leading American reviewer of products.

features Breville Sous Chef

Product Features

  1. Small Food Pusher: for improved processing control of smaller ingredients. It also doubles as a measuring cup for adding/measuring ingredients. The food processor will run continually whether the small pusher is in or out
  2. Large Food Pusher for pushing food down the feed chute. The food processor will not start unless the large pusher is in place correctly.
  3. Feed Chute Safety System: prevents the motor from operating unless the bowl, lid and large food pusher are correctly locked in position.
  4. Super Wide Feed Chute so large ingredients don’t have to be chopped before being fed into the food processor
  5. Silicone Seal: reduces the chance of leakage while processing large volumes of liquid ingredients.
  6. Processing Bowl: 16 cup bowl for dry ingredients and 12 cups for liquid (wet ingredients). The processing bowl locks onto the motor base.
  7. LCD Display with Count-Up & Count-Down Timer: used to set desired time required for processing. Can count up or down, stopping the processor once the time is reached in count down mode.
  8. Solid Die-Cast Metal Base
  9. Direct Drive Motor: with safety braking system.
  10. Non-Skid Rubber Feet: for added safety and stability.
  11. All parts that come in contact with food are BPA free.


  • Comes with 5 multi-function discs and 3 blades out of the box
  • 5.5 inch super-wide feed chute reduces the need to pre-cut most fruits and vegetables
  • BPA-free processing bowls; 16 cup large bowl and 2.5 cup mini processing bowl
  • LCD display displays count-up and count-down auto timer
  • Accessory storage box can be stored horizontally or vertically based on storage space
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Water Softeners for Homeowners – Complete Guide

As a responsible homeowner, you should always make sure that the water your family uses at home is always at its top quality.

You might say that there is no problem with the water that flows out of your faucets. In a quick glance, it might be true. However, this may no longer be the case if you will try to evaluate your home’s water quality more keenly.

water softeners homowners

Water Softeners for Homeowners

Water that has more than necessary minerals such as magnesium carbonate, manganese, and calcium is referred to as hard water. These minerals are the main reasons why your shampoo and soap do not lather well, your dishes have spots, and other hard-water related issues.

While it is true that these minerals are may not be health hazardous, they can still give you other problems such as mineral deposits in your water facilities, water heater, bathtub and many other appliances that use water.

common questions asked

Common Questions by users!

Have you noticed that whenever you take a bath, your shampoo and soap no longer lather well? Can’t you solve that problem with dingy laundry?

Why do you think your dishes have spots no matter what kind of dishwashing detergent you use or how well you think you rinsed them?

What could be the reason behind the traces of scale deposits in your coffee maker? If you have been constantly observing these situations, there is no doubt. You have “hard water” at home.

In addition to, you will also have a hard time washing your dishes, clothes, hair, and skin. The ultimate solution to these problems is water softener. Read on and find out how the best water softener reviews will be able to improve that quality of your water at home.

The greater part of us more likely than not heard out grandparents disclose to us that drinking water from a copper vessel is beneficial to our wellbeing.

As being mentioned earlier, water may contain excessive amount of minerals. Hard water naturally comes from aquifers as well as underground sources which are responsible for collecting these dissolved rock minerals.

These minerals give that general characteristic of “hardness” to water. The hardness levels of water are gauged by GPG (Grains of minerals Per Gallon).

In other cases, it is calculated by PPM (Parts Per Million). In case you would want to know, 1 GPG is equal to 17.1 PPM. On a technical perspective, water that exceeds 1 GPG (of dissolved mineral hardness) is already considered “hard”.

Realistically, however, water hardness that reaches about 3.5 GPG is still generally considered “soft”. Water hardness level that exceeds 3.5 GPG belongs to the category of hard water.

It ranges from moderately hard to extremely hard water. You can be sure of the exact level of water hardness in your home using water test kits, which you can purchase online or over the counter.

Once you are already sure that you have hard water at home, the next thing that you will have to take into consideration is how you will soften it.

One of the most popular ways to soften water is through “ion-exchange”. This method can be done using different water softening tools. It is highly important that you understand their differences.

salt water softener explained

Salt-Free (water softener)

This water softener revitalizes potassium chloride as a salt substitute instead of sodium. This can be the ideal equipment for homeowners who are primarily concerned when it comes to salt intake.

This kind of water softener does not reduce the amount of water minerals. Instead, it prevents the depositing of minerals as scales to you water facility’s surfaces.

This may not be equally effective as other water softening approaches; however, the overall perception is that having this unit to treat water is much better than having none at all.

Ion Exchange Water Softener (salt-based)

This water softener equipment technically cycles water through 2 tanks. One tank is filled with resin beads while the other contains brine. Basically, the principle involved in the process is the so-called ion exchange.

This is a method of hard water softening characterized by replacing substituting minerals such as magnesium, iron, and calcium for salt. When these minerals are exchanged, hard water is then softened.

There are a lot of reasons why you should soften your household water. Now that you know more about hard water, now is the time for you to solve it. Contact your reliable stores and get the best water softeners you should use.