Omega 3-S

5 Nutrients Vegans Don’t Get Enough Of

We might be familiar with the possible benefits concerned with a vegan diet. If I make a team of the vegan and non-vegan group, all of them will have their part of concepts like which diet is the best one. But I found very less number of people are aware of the possible issues or complications found in a purely vegan diet.

Vital Nutrient Supplements which are missing in a Vegan diet

So, if you are planning to go all-vegan, then make sure you consider each of the nutrients for vegans, listed here.

Why do people turn into a vegan?

There could be many possible reasons for this, and mainly concerned with environmental or animal rights. Though, it’s a personal choice as per my views.

1. Vitamin b-12

Vitamin B12You might be already aware of this essential nutrient, which is only found in the animal sources. Vegan people are usually deficient on this nutrient. To solve this, you can add some fortified or additional supplements in your diet. Breakfast cereals and the nutritional yeast are among the staple options you can go for.

2. vitamin D

Vitamin D

This fat-soluble nutrient helps in absorbing calcium and phosphorus from the gut. Sadly, only a  few numbers of products contain this element, and they don’t satisfy the requirements either. Spending time in the sunlight is one way out. You can also go for some D2 or D3 supplement in your vegetarian diet.

3. iron


If you are feeling weak or worn out, then this could be a sign of iron deficiency.  You can include lima beans, and dark leafy vegetables as they are an incredible source of iron. Just a tip, you can add a supplement of vitamin C into your iron-rich diet, and get maximum benefits.

4. iodine

Iodine Rich Foods

Iodine helps with improving the metabolism inside your body. Leafy diets are less in iodine, so you might have to add more of this compound in the dishes.

5. omega 3-s

Omega 3-S

These are essential not only for the cardiovascular activities, but also for the brain, eyes, and skin health. You can have a good amount of alpha-linolenic acid from walnuts, canola, hemp, flaxseed, etc.

So, these are the top nutrients that a vegan person usually lacks on. If you are planning to turn all vegan, get in touch with a well-known nutritionist and follow their guidelines.