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Is a Water Flosser better than Regular Flossing

At some point in your life, you must have gone through the frustration of getting food out stuck in between your teeth or between teeth and gum. During that time, you only wish to get the food out in any damn way. This is why flossing process is carried out. It’s a simple, home DIY or you can call it as a teeth maintenance technique which keeps your teeth clean and healthy from any kind of plaque formation.

Is a Water Flosser better than Regular Flossing

Have you heard about the Dental Floss?

Dental Floss is a thin filament-like thing which is used for taking out food particles stuck in between the teeth. This works for those special areas which are even hard for the toothbrush to reach.

Is a Water Flosser better than Regular Flossing

So, make this clear that Regular Flossing is nothing but the flossing carried out using the dental floss.

How is the Regular/Traditional Flossing performed?

Regular flossing is carried out using the dental floss. This floss comes in a plastic box, with 10 to 100m of the dental floss. You approximately need 40 cm of the dental floss, pull it out, and just cut the required floss.

Now, rotate the floss around the fingers using both of your hands keeping about 1 to 2 cm of the floss outside your hand. Later the user has to guide through the teeth surface and simply start the flossing.

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Curve the floss by the shape of the teeth, and then slide it under the gumline. It is a good option to brush your teeth, and later perform the flossing for a complete oral health.

Can I replace the Regular Flossing with a Water Flosser?

Coming to the Water Flosser, this is, in fact, a device which is used for the flossing. Flosser shoots out a powerful jet of a water stream, who pressure and force remove out all the food particles.

The debate is still going on, whether the water flosser could replace the regular flossing or not? On a lighter note, there is no problem with the replacement, but many dentists have said NO for the replacement.

A person who regularly performs the regular flossing should never replace the process with a water flosser. Also, it is said, that Plaques are better removed with the String Floss or the Regular Flossing. While the water flosser keeps your teeth clean but won’t be much effect on the plaques which will eventually cause the Tartar Buildup.


For a regular flossing person, I won’t recommend switching the method to the Water Flossing. For an entry-level user, Water Flosser is a good way of keeping your teeth protected and healthy. Both the methods are good, but the Regular Flossing wins the debate.